The Art of Learning

The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance

Approaches to Learning
There are two approaches to learning: Entity and Incremental. Those who hold the entity perspective believe intelligence and skill are fixed. Those who hold the incremental theory of learning believe that difficult material can be mastered with hard work. Incrementalists are more resilient, less helpless, and see problems as a challenge. Differences may arise due to subtle differences in parenting. The key is to embrace life long learning. The lessons learned are more important than the immediate trophies.

Structure around Learning
It is important to keep losing in order to maintain a healthy perspective and humility. Investment in Loss. Give yourself to the learning process and maintain a beginner’s mind. While the process is important, you can’t completely ignore the results otherwise you will never put yourself on the line. Short-term goals can be a good developmental tool. Focus on the effort over the results. It is okay to enjoy winning; beauty lies in the transience. Nurture a healthy liberated mind. You need to give it your all to reap the results, win or lose.

Building Skills
Focus on depth over breadth. Plunge into the detailed mystery of the micro to understand what makes the macro tick. Numbers to leave numbers of Forms to leave forms. Technical information is integrated into what feels like natural intelligence. Internalize the fundamental units. Internalize the principles and then the strategies until you develop a very complex and integrated field of knowledge. As you go further, you unlearn principles and make new principles and build even further on your knowledge base. Make smaller circles by decreasing the expansiveness and increasing the potency. Subtle internalization and refinement is more important than the quantity of what is learned. Learn to embrace and use emotions.

Creating Inspiring Conditions
After intense training need to integrate physical and mental framework. Involve both the external and the internal. The internal tends to be ignored. Aiming for the top requires an engaged and searching mind. If you fall into monotony, you will lose presence. Maintaining a deep fluid presence will make your pursuit richer and continue to surprise and delight. Everything is always on the line. The more present you are at practice, the more present you can be in important moments.

The Soft Zone
Allows for explosive inspiration. In the soft zone, you are intensely focused, relaxed, serene, but all your insides are churning. Learn to handle the outside environment and use it (Sandals). Be at peace with discomfort. Learn to be psychologically impregnable. After an initial mistake, don’t fall into a downward spiral. Learn to snap back. The key to Long-term healthy self-sustaining peak performance is stress and recovery. Those better able to recover can perform at a high level longer. This can be hardwired and accessed in the smallest moments. Build your trigger by creating a routine. Slowly change and condense. Cultivate the soft zone by using your emotions. Turn weaknesses into strengths. Figure out what state triggers the greatest performance.

Illusion of the Mystical
Moving before the opponent is about reading and controlling intention. Engage in psychological warfare. People reveal their nature in everyday interactions. You must learn to program people without getting caught otherwise, it will not work. You are susceptible to manipulation if the other party is more aware. To master psychological battles, you need to understand their technical foundation. Entering the opponent’s mind can be cultivated and internalized.

Bringing It All Together
The greatest are masters of their own psychology. Play to your strengths and control the tone. Work past the stage of proficiency to the expression of the essence. Creativity is in relation to a foundation. Don’t let go to waste. Dissect the technical components and incorporate until normal part of your knowledge base. There is not one path. Mastery is discovering the most resonant information and integrating it so deeply it fully disappears and allows you to fight free.


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