Seth Godin – James Altucher – 01/2015

  • Ep 86 Seth Godin, It’s Your Turn, Now What?
  • New Book is What to do when it’s your turn (and it’s always your turn)
  • It is easier to bypass the middle man now
  • Many excuses are formed when developing and amplified by teachers and friends
  • Industrial age one of most profound changes, needed structure, public schools were made to train kids to sit still, but not what world is rewarding going forward
  • Connection is how you get rid of the scarcity implied by economy.
  • Early in life, parents taught me life was an adventure
  • In industrial age, I might not have been successful, but now tables have turned and you would do better to stand out
  • Shared tactics at first, but now want to encourage people to be thirsty enough to discover tactics, but they won’t do if afraid
  • Give away credit and take blame, if you do, everyone will want to work with you
  • Once you get it that exposing yourself to fear is how you will get paid, you will seek out ways to get out of comfort zone.
  • Everyone should have a blog and everyone should blog everyday primarily because if you can cajole yourself to speak your truth, you will learn to dance with fear. You will learn to write until you are not afraid to write anymore.
  • When I fail big, I look at each person in the eye, take responsibility and bring compassion, then go for a walk for as long as necessary
  • There are only two choices 1) never go down this path again (meaning you’ll never do anything important) or 2) deliver more value tomorrow to make up for what you couldn’t do today
  • Be generous not to make a living, but because contributing to a community is work worth doing in its own way
  • If you’re in cubicle and want to break out?
    • Blog on something you care about
    • Write something useful about it everyday
    • Organize and coordinate other people around your community
    • Start an organization or discussion board
    • Give up three hours a week of television
    • You will have a whole network of people cheering you on
    • You will be able to write and change minds
    • Maybe you can sell something
    • Even if you don’t, you will know how to take responsibility
    • Your leverage will go up because people are desperate for people that will take care of things
    • Climb the ladder of meaningfulness and generosity, but you need to be willing to say follow me and not wait to get permission
  • A lot of people don’t like idea that there is a digital record of your thoughts and fight against idea of being on the hook
  • I encourage yourself to be on hook, because that’s when we do our best and highly leveraged work
  • I’m trying to get people to understand the huge opportunity they have to be on the hook
  • When you’re contributing to something you care about, it is intensely gratifying
  • Not pushing past fear, but dancing with fear
  • Keep doing what I do because 1) books have magical quality. They are self-contained, accessible, last, can be shared. 2) Meaningfulness. Fame doesn’t last.
  • Book recommendations. If you get one idea that changes your life, it is a bargain. They really do change the conversation.
    • The War of Art
    • The Gift by Lewis Hyde
    • The Republic of Tea
    • The Tom Peters Seminar
    • The Pursuit of Wow!
    • Jackie Huba books
    • Escape from Cubicle Nation
    • The Extrordinary Power of Asking
    • James Altucher Books
  • Scifi helps you see what happens if you change one rule in the universe and that’s what entrepreneurs do
    • Dune
    • Snow Crash
    • Diamond Age

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