James Altucher Podcast – Mick Ebeling – 12/2015


  • Mick Ebeling is a film/TV producer, author (Not Impossible), entrepreneur (The Ebeling Group), and philanthropist (The Not Impossible Foundation).
  • Influenced by parents who were usually starting charities or doing something good
  • Mantra: help one, help many
    • Allows for starting small and building momentum.
    • Asking for more makes it seem less achievable.
  • Tries to make something that already exists more accessible. Not making something new.
  • Project Daniel – Daniel, was a 12 year-old Sudanese boy who had his arms blown off. Helped design arms.
  • Helped a paralyzed artist, Tony “Tempt” Quan, to draw again through eye device
  • Commit and then figure out how to pull off
  • Don’t need permission, just help people. Others will iterate and make better
  • Find a story that is compelling and ask companies if they want to get behind it
  • We are going to do anyway, do you want to get behind? Is good for brands because doing good is good for the company
  • Technology for the sake of humanity
  • Don’t need a phd or be at the cutting edge to help people. Want practicality and functional
  • We tried open source, but people don’t want to make things, they just want it
  • Failures never failures, shows what you should do better. learn to systematize what we do with it
  • Believe nothing is impossible
  • Look for things with emotional reactions, aggregate people, have forward momentum, research, leads to action.
  • Currently working on clothes that help deaf feel music
  • Book is Not Impossible: The Art and Joy of Doing What Couldn’t Be Done

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