Code Complete

Welcome to Software Construction Software development or construction includes: Problem definition Requirements development Construction planning Software architecture or high-level design Detailed design Coding and debugging Unit testing Integration testing Integration System Testing Corrective Maintenance Construction focuses on coding and debugging, but also includes detailed design, unit testing, integration testing, and other activities Areas not included… Continue reading Code Complete

Code: The Hidden Language of Hardware and Software

Best Friends Friends can use flashlights to communicate (i.e. morse code) In book, code means system for transferring info among people and machines All facets of communication (audio, visual, etc) corresponds to some kind of code Codes and Combinations Easier to send than receive because harder to map dots and dashes than letters Could group… Continue reading Code: The Hidden Language of Hardware and Software

Python 3: Object Orientated Programming

Object-orientated Design design doesn’t only occur at the beginning, usually analysis, programming, design tend to overlap objects are models of things that can do things and have certain things done to them formally, an object is a collection of data and associated behaviors OO Analysis: looking at a problem, system or task and indentifying the… Continue reading Python 3: Object Orientated Programming

Database Design

Not a book, but found a series of videos on database design that I found pretty helpful. Link:┬áDatabase Design What is a Database? stores data more complex than spreadsheets easily get what you want and secure What is a Relational Database? relation is connection between data entity: anything we store data about (e.g. person) attribute:… Continue reading Database Design